• Paperless site app for Construction – APE Mobile

    Need all your site forms on one app? As a construction paperwork app, that’s exactly what APE Mobile was built for.

    You can create any type of form – such as Site Diaries, Engineering Calculation Sheets, Progress Reports and Time Sheets all linked to custom data & activity codes. Plus safety forms such as Incident Reports, Site Inductions, Pre-start Checklists, Toolbox Talks, Permits to Work & Job Safety Assessments.

    The only limit is your imagination.

  • Projektų valdymo ir apskaitos programa Smartsheet

    Projektų valdymo ir apskaitos programa Smartsheet – tai visapusiška projektų valdymo platforma, kuri užtikrina paprastą dokumentų valdymą, užduočių valdymą, terminų stebėjimą, bendradarbiavimą ir lankstų ataskaitų pateikimą.

    Tiek paprasti tiek sudėtingi projektai sukuriami su Smartsheet platforma, kurioje pridedami atitinkami projekto dalyviai. Per tam tikrą informacinį lapą yra greitai pasiekiama visa su projektu susijusi informacija, dokumentai, priedai ir projekto dalyvių komunikacija.


    NEMOKAMA paskyra

  • Statybos turto valdymo programa EZOfficeInventory

    Construction equipment management built to schedule maintenance, manage work orders, and streamline workflows.

    • Asset lifecycle management, from procurement to retirement;
    • Real-time construction tool tracking with our mobile app;
    • Actionable insights through custom reports and analytics;
    • In-depth maintenance modules that help improve construction equipment longevity.


  • Statybos valdymo programa BrickControl

    BrickControl is a “cloud-based” application that helps you manage all of your projects in an easy, simple, and efficient way:

    • Study: Create budgets and import price data;
    • Management: Plan your projects and control certifications;
    • Execution: Measure the project’s progress and allocate expenses.
    • Control: Analyze discrepancies from the control panel.